Geological Exploration

All important civil engineering projects like dams, reservoirs, slopes, tunnels, roads, bridges and buildings are constructed on rocks or on soils. It is therefore essential that the engineer should have the fullest knowledge of possible strata or soil through which works of construction are to be carried out or on which these have to rest.

or interpreted, the structures might involve considerably higher costs. Not only that, their stability might be in question. Many a dam disasters, foundation failures in buildings, collapse of bridges and tunnels were, on subsequent study, found to be closely related to ignorance of geological conditions that existed in and around these structures.We at PETRAL imparts the solution to deal with all kind of geological investigations / explorations.

Our services includes but not limited to following:

  • Geological structure of the area
  • Lithology of the area
  • Geological mapping of the area
  • Ground water conditions
  • Seismicity of the area