Laboratory Testing

Our in-house laboratory is equipped to provide comprehensive geotechnical tests on soils and rocks, aggregates and earthworks, construction materials and concrete laboratory testing services which meet appropriate IS Standards. All in-house testing is undertaken by our team of experienced laboratory technicians.

Presently we are enough equipped to perform following tests:

Tests on Soil Samples
Grain size Atterberg’s Limits Direct Shear test Specific Gravity
Shrinkage Limits Triaxial Test Vane Shear Test Consolidation Test
Lab CBR Falling Head & Constant Head Soil Permeability Test Standard Proctor & Modified Proctor Free Swell Index Of Soil
Tests on Rock Samples
Water absorption Specific Gravity Point Load Strength Test Uniaxial compressive Strength Test
Tests on concrete and aggregate samples
Crushing test Abrasion test Impact test Soundness test
Specific gravity and water absorption test Bitumen adhesion test