Geophysical Survey

There are a wide variety of geophysical techniques available, each one measuring different physical properties and each being more or less sensitive to different types of feature. The suitability of any given technique will depend on the site specific conditions and the type and composition of likely target features. One of the main advantages to using geophysics is that the entire site can be sampled fairly rapidly for a relatively low cost. The data acquired can then allow the optimal intrusive investigation to be determined which will result in more detailed, comprehensive information being obtained about a site. This will usually result in overall project cost savings.

PETRAL’s site Investigations will tailor the survey to meet the individual project requirements and on larger sites can undertake trial surveys to assess which techniques will provide the required results. It is a key aspect of our services that we produce concise, clear interpretations and reports. We are aware of the needs of the engineer or developer and present our results in scaled CAD plans with an accompanying report that can be easily understood and used by non-geophysical specialists.

We are expert constraction team you can trust:

  • All type of geophysical investigation for engineering and geological investigations
  • Geophysical investigation for ground waters
  • Geophysical testing for bridges and piles
  • Seismic refraction testing
  • Cross Hole seismic testing
  • Downhole testing
  • Electrical resistivity testing