Slope Stability Ananlysis

The slope stability analyses in geotechnical engineering have followed closely the developments in soil and rock mechanics as a whole. Furthermore, the increasing demand for engineered cut and fill slopes on construction projects has only increased the need to understand analytical methods, investigative tools, and stabilization methods to solve slope stability problems. Slope stabilization methods involve specialty construction techniques that must be understood and modeled in realistic ways. An understanding of geology, hydrology, and soil properties is central to applying slope stability principles properly.

Our services include:

  • Slope stability analysis and slope protection
  • Slope remediation and reclamation
  • Avalanche and rockfall evaluations
  • Rock anchoring and soil nailing
  • Erosion control and hydraulic works
  • Retaining wall and soil reinforcement
  • Slope Monitoring System including inclinometers, extensometers, piezometer etc.